Traditional Hand Painted Signs

In an industry that is now dominated by digitally produced signage, traditional hand painted signage offers a unique alternative that can give a point of difference and individuality from the mass produced, all too common printed signage.


The process of traditional signwriting draws attention from people passing by, and most appreciate the skill of something being handcrafted using only a freehand, brush and paint often stopping to take a photo or have a chat.

In most situations signs can be painted directly onto a variety of surfaces, rough or smooth often making them a more practical and cost effective solution, especially large scale lettering, logos and graphics.

Painted signs have very good durability and will outlast any digitally printed signage. They can also be touched-up or repainted years later giving them even greater longevity.

Sign painting is a much more eco-friendly option compared to any other form of signage and uses less materials to produce, with the added bonus of any unused paint being recyclable.


Whether you want to reinstate historical period correct signage to an old building, shopfront or vintage vehicle or have a traditional honour board that requires gold leaf names, it makes sense to use a traditional signwriting company that uses the same techniques of that era.

Supreme Signs sub-contracts to sign companies and collaborates with graphic designers, advertising agencies, construction companies and can work directly with clients to bring their custom, creative and impressive designs to life using hand painted signage.